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Transformative policies and practice

Learn more about two emerging MMI communities of reflection and practice in key thematic fields of our work: Health cooperation in the digital age, and health and climate justice.


Kampala Initiative

DECOLONIZE health cooperation.
DECOLONIZE the critique of aid.
DECOLONIZE the promotion of solidarity.


MMI Policy Dialogues 2021

In a series of policy dialogues in June 2021 we discussed what “transformative” quality is needed to allow actors engaged in international cooperation and global health governance to shape a better future.


Upcoming Network events

Organized by MMI members, partners and the secretariat

Network News, Reports and Resources

Published by members and the secretariat of MMI

A domino effect on sexual and reproductive rights around the world?

International Day for Sexual and Reproductive Rights, September 28th FAMME | Recent events such as the Taliban’s elimination of Afghan…

“Do you remember 2020, the year of the pandemic?” Annual Report of Medicus Mundi Spain

FAMME | The year referred to in the Report of Activities that we present, will surely remain in our memory as one of those emblematic years that will…

Wemos: Have a look at our Year Overview 2020

Wemos | Our new Year Overview 2020 is out. It showcases the highlights of our work of the past year. Come and have a…

Taking global health seriously: the petition was only the beginning

Cordaid | Together with a number of Dutch non-profits and the global ONE Campaign, we started a petition in October…

Annual Report 2020 of the MMI Network

Contents of the MMI Annual Report 2019 And then came Covid-19… Message from the President Per aspera ad…

Wemos joins the EU4Health Civil Society Alliance

Wemos has joined the EU4Health Civil Society Alliance. In this network, 28 European civil society organisations join forces to achieve a Europe in…

Let us join forces for providing sound civil society input in the “pandemic treaty” process

MMI Statement to the 74th World Health Assembly, 24 May – 1 June 2021 on agenda item 17, “Public health emergencies: preparedness and response” Dear…

Community Health Workers in South Africa: Essential

medico international | Their perseverance has paid off: In the midst of the pandemic, community health workers have…

Climate crisis and health: measures to act against the silent pandemic

World Earth Day, 22 April 2021, Medicus Mundi Spain | The relationship between environment and health has been known…

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