Health cooperation in challenging times
Transformative policies – transformative practice

With its track record of promoting knowledge sharing, mutual learning and critical self-reflection among actors in international health cooperation and global health (Kampala Initiative, CSO governance), the Medicus Mundi International Network is is well positioned and dedicated to continue and extend this role in the next years.

Developing the MMI Network Strategy 2021-2025, we started the process of strategic reflection by considering some particularly urgent societal and political challenges as “drivers” for the development of the Network over the next years. Moving from the analysis of our environment to fully taking them up in a sense of own commitment and action beyond our comfort zone, the MMI Network will, in the next years, consistently integrate and implement these drivers in the thematic work and the institutional setup of the Network.

Cross-cutting issues we want to take up in both our work and institutional setup:

  • How to make the health sector and international health cooperation regenerative and sustainable (planetary boundaries, carbon footprint)
  • How to deal with challenges of a digitalization in the health sector and in international cooperation.
  • How to improve gender equity, addressing related issues of power and exploitation in the health sector and in international health cooperation.
  • “Southern leadership”: From lip service to equal opportunities and equal power
  • Good governance and management of civil society platforms and processes

Thematic communities of practice and reflection

To address these cross-cutting issues in the field of health cooperation, we will set up thematic working groups or communities of reflection/practice hosted by the Network, convened by Network members ready to take the lead, supported by the secretariat, and open for a broad range of interested institutions and experts/practitioners. The process of sharing, learning and debating shall result in concrete, solid input and guidance (e.g. guidelines or position papers) for those engaged and for all actors working in the field of international health.

2021: Emerging communities

Contacts for enquiries: Thomas Schwarz