MMI Network Strategy 2016-2020

The MMI Network Strategy 2016-2020 defines the main strategic directions of the Medicus Mundi International Network as follows:

  1. MMI will promote knowledge sharing and mutual learning between actors in international health cooperation.
  2. MMI will provide autonomous, sustainable and stimulating spaces for the analysis and debate of global health and promote platforms for joint civil society advocacy, with a focus on the World Health Organization.
  3. MMI will enhance collaboration among Network members in view of joint projects and consortia.
  4. MMI will further invest in the Network’s consolidation and development.

The two “technical” fields of work (international health cooperation and global health) build on key strengths of MMI: its character as an open, inclusive network and its track record of the last strategic period.

With its explicit focus on enhancing collaboration among members and on the consolidation and further development of the MMI Network, the strategy underlines the fact that the Network members are the key assets of MMI and that the Network’s success depends on the combined strength of its members.

The shared overall approach on the promotion of Health for All, combined with professionalism and dedication and the aim for linking practice with evidence, remain the binding elements in the MMI Network and in the contributions to the members’ work.

Whereas the Strategy 2016-2020 clearly determines these four fields of work and sets particular objectives to be achieved by the end of 2020, the definition of specific activities remains more open – which makes sense in such a dynamic field as international health cooperation and global health policy and also for a members driven network as MMI.