Sharing knowhow and joining forces towards Health for All

Medicus Mundi International Network

Medicus Mundi International Network

Medicus Mundi International – Network Health for All (MMI) is a network of organizations working in the field of international health cooperation and global health. The Network promotes access to health and health care as a fundamental human right and supports the efforts undertaken in this respect by its members. MMI is an NGO in official relations with the World Health Organization.


Shared vision of the Network members

For the members of Medicus Mundi International Network promoting Health for All means:

  • Promoting universal health coverage in a sense of universal, equitable and affordable access to quality health services (promotion, prevention, care and rehabilitation) for all people; as this is essential to the improvement of health, fighting diseases and reducing poverty;
  • Promoting strong national health systems with a strong leadership by the government, strong accountability systems and a decisive role of communities and users of health services in the development, management and monitoring of health policies and services at all levels;
  • Promoting policies that address the social and political determinants of health, as unfair economic arrangements and poor social programs, unhealthy living conditions, inequality and gender inequity, violence, bad politics and injustice are at the root of ill health and death.
  • Linking the local and national with the global level by getting involved in global health policy, global health governance and global governance for health, as many determinants of health and health care lie outside the scope of national policies and programs;
  • Promoting health policies and practices that are based on evidence.
  • Critically reflecting the role and contributions of international health cooperation to universal access to health, health systems strengthening and global governance for health.

Network Policy, 2014


Aim and mission of the Network

The Network supports its members’ efforts to achieve the shared vision of Health for All through a set of specific contributions as defined by the MMI statutes:

  • Enhancing communication and cooperation among members and providing a platform for the development of joint activities, thematic working groups and consortia.
  • Fostering an evidence based approach in the members’ institutional cultures and programs and promoting collaboration between the Network members and research institutions;
  • Providing a platform for joint advocacy at a global level, with a focus on the World Health Organization and in close cooperation with other networks and campaigns promoting Health for All;
  • Fostering the visibility of the Network members and their activities by publishing their news, reports, statements, events and other contributions.

Network Policy, 2014
See also: Strategic fields of work (MMI Network strategy 2016-20)


Network members

Medicus Mundi International – Network Health for All (MMI) is a participatory network, in which members work together on common issues, but remain fully autonomous.

MMI is a non-profit association according to German law and an NGO in official relations with WHO. The rules and rights regarding Network membership are defined by the statutes and regulations.

Network members

  • are working in the field of international health cooperation and/or global health;

  • share the Network members’ vision of Health for All and support the mandate of the Network;

  • are committed to actively participate in Network activities and to contribute to the sustainability of the Network;

  • are able to fulfill the related duties, including the payment of an annual membership fee.

The pluralism of the Network members’ history, values, ambitions, core business and expertise is an important asset of the Network.

Why we are a Network member

“Through the Medicus Mundi International Network and with the other Network members Cordaid has access to global fora such as events organized by the World Health Organisation, which provide us with a broad platform for advocacy. Through doing activities together with other Network members, including documenting best practices and joint activities, we have a wider reach, better quality and bigger impact.”

(Christina de Vries, Cordaid)

"The MMI Network provides us a great platform for sharing information and it links us actively to other organisations in Europe and Africa. We scan the global health discourse for striking issues and within MMI there is always flexibility in bringing up issues that we deem important for ourselves and the network to jointly take up. Its secretariat is run in a very effective and professional manner. And, most important, MMI allows us to further strengthen joint international advocacy efforts to improve public health at global level, e.g. at the World Health Assembly."

(Anke Tijtsma, former director of Wemos)

"The Andalusian School of Public Health (EASP) is glad to join the MMI Network and be part of the efforts for improving global health governance, promote a greater effectiveness in the field of international development cooperation in health, and pursuing the health related SDGs with special emphasis on Universal Health Care. The EASP looks forward to participating in the different working groups of the MMI network and to further the dialogue with a wide range of civil society organizations and academic institutions for sharing knowledge and expertise, for working in new projects and for being a potential partner for future activities in the field of International Health Cooperation."

(EASP team)


Learn more about the Network

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Join the Network

The criteria and procedures of becoming a new member of the Medicus Mundi International Network are defined by the statutes and the network policy of MMI. Please contact the MMI secretariat if you intend to become a member.

Regulations and procedures for Network membership: PDF
Membership application form: word
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