To inform its work and in particular the finalization of recommendations to the 75 World Health Assembly, the WHO Working Group on Strengthening WHO Preparedness and Response to Health Emergencies (WGPR), convened a series of informal intersessional meetings.

Medicus Mundi International – Network Health for All (MMI) is an NGO in official relations with WHO. MMI invited its members and selected partners to attend the informal meetings of the WGPR and to respond, as adequate and based on their specific expertise, to a set of guiding questions shared by the WHO Secretariat ahead of the meeting.

The inputs are an edited and extended version of the responses by Nithin Ramakrishnan, Third World Network (TWN), as a member of the MMI Delegation, to the two sub-sessions on 18 March 2022, on Equity and Leadership/Governance.

Download: WGPR – MMI TWN responses 18 March 2022
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Photo: WHO/Meissner
Source: WGPR website