In December 2015, Health Poverty Action has published two new briefing papers which form part of a wider series looking at how the structural causes of poverty impact on health. “The first of the two briefings explores the relationship between tax and health. The second has been published jointly with the Trade Justice Movement and focuses on trade and health.” (Health Poverty Action)



Tax and Health

“Tax is a fundamental issue for health. The theft of tax revenue denies people their right to health. This briefing looks at the role of tax in creating healthier societies and argues that the health community has a vital contribution to make to this agenda.”

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Trade and Health

“The economic policies we create and implement have profound impacts on health. Creating healthier societies and realising the right to health for all requires addressing the wider polices that impact on it. This briefing outlines the basic principles of free trade, discusses the impacts of trade on health and health systems, and outlines why trade is a fundamental issue for health.”

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