Association des OEuvres Médicales Privées Confessionnelles et Sociales (AMCES) au Bénin

AMCES is a Beninese NGO founded in 1985. The association is open to all participants interested in the developing of privately-owned and non-profit public health care in Benin.
The members of AMCES are a dynamic and motivated group of private health centers, open to dialogue and flexible to adopt management techniques and new strategic approaches. All have in common a desire to implement health measures to benefit all people without distinction. Moreover, AMCES is particularly concerned for those segments of the population which are marginalized in this regard.
AMCES facilitates dialogue and synergy as much between private institutions as they do between the private and public health institutions. The association boosts the acquisition of shared knowledge to this end.
AMCES desires to function as a catalyst within the national health system and aims to bring together many points of view to the table allowing for improved effectiveness and participation as well as work to find pragmatic solutions to the diverse challenges facing health care in Benin.

08 BP 215 Cotonou Benin
+229 30 62 77