Kampala Initiative | How do we know where aid for health goes, and whether it reaches those most in need? The answer is increasingly indicators and data — but as we increasingly see in the COVID-19 crisis, politics and economics can shape what gets counted and how. Data sovereignty and empowerment are increasingly important as public-private partnerships between aid agencies and tech giants are on the rise. This webinar will explore the politics of data used to set priorities in global health finance. The aim of this webinar is to empower civil society groups to ask critical questions and constructively challenge the priorities they are presented by global governance and funding agencies.

Speakers will include Dr. John Waters (Caribbean Vulnerable Communities) and Hayden Barthelmy (GrenCHAP), civil society activists from the Caribbean who successfully conducted an HIV study in partnership with communities and researchers; Dr. Carolyn Gomes, winner of the UN Human Rights Prize and Alternate Board Member representing Developing Countries NGO Delegation on the Board of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria; and Sara (Meg) Davis, an anthropologist and expert on the politics of data.

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