“We are proud to present our year overview 2021! Last year, we managed to seize opportunities for global health, pushing for structural change for a more equitable and inclusive global health architecture.

The pandemic has led to the worldwide realisation that health challenges transcend national borders. But it also provided opportunities for systems change, and reignited appreciation for essential sectors and the workforce, such as health workers.

We seized the momentum by continuing our advocacy to ensure stronger health systems, vaccine equity, equal access to health workers, and more sustainable financing for health. Health is a human right, and we want to ensure no one is left behind. To achieve this, the world needs strong health systems to ensure better health outcomes, including sexual and reproductive health and rights.

Curious to know more? Please continue and read our new year overview, which also includes our financial report (see below). We hope you’ll enjoy reading about achievements in 2021! ”

Source: Wemos
Report: here


Photo of the elephant: Thanks to Kaffeebart/Unsplash