“Welcome to the knowledge platform of Wemos, a resource bank about global health issues. Our three main topics are: human resources for health, financing for health, and medicines.”

Wemos Resources was launched in August 2018: “Do you want to know what Wemos has published on topics such as access to human resources for health or medicines? Or are you looking for reports about financing for health in low-income countries? You can find these (and much more) on our knowledge platform. Our publications on the knowledge platform all focus on our work on the topics human resources for health, financing for health, and medicines. Moreover, you will meet our global health advocates Jorge Vega Cardenas, Ella Weggen and Mariska Meurs in three short videoclips. They will not only tell about our work on these topics, but also explain why our advocacy for health for all worldwide is so crucial in times like these.” (Wemos blog, 28 August 2018)