As expressed our Network policy, enhancing communication and cooperation among Network members and providing a platform for the development of joint activities is one of the Network core services to supports its members’ efforts to achieve the shared vision of Health for All. Over the last years, MMI has restructured its thematic work by reducing the number of “own” working group and engaging in civil society coalitions beyond our Network, represented by the Secretariat and/or Network members.

MMI Network members are invited to join one of the current working groups inside the Network:

Network members and other civil socety partners are also invited to engage in the civil society working groups and coalitions in which the Network is strongly involved:

…and we hope to be soon able to report the launch of the “Kampala Initiative” in the follow-up of a civil society workshop in Kampala on “How to advance cooperation and solidarity within and beyond aid” organized by MMI as part of a broader team of civil society organizations.