UHC Day 2015 was again an inspiring event. In addition to the simple promotional slogan along “UHC is right – smart – overdue”, there have been many substantial contributions to the dialogue on Universal Health Coverage, what it means and what it needs to achieve it.

In its “MMI updates” on Twitter, the MMI secretariat repeated some key messages already published on UHC Day 2014 – but still worth to be repeated:

  • Health for all is more than UHC: people-centred health systems, addressing determinants of health. Right to health – and not charity!
  • Universal Health Coverage – if comprehensive and people-centred: The health sector contribution to health for all.
  • Health for all will not come easy: Coverage, quality, ownership! Don’t accept poor healthcare for the poor!
  • Health for all will not come easy: Right to health for all vs. health as a commodity – which side are you on?
  • Health for all – a national and global obligation: Regulation, redistribution and strong health governance!
  • Yes, health for all is overdue, but it will not come easy. A luta continua! (with the photo from an election rally in South Africa 1994)

UHCDay on Twitter: #UHCDay and #HealthForAll