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Human resources for health

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"Health workers are 'all people engaged in actions whose primary intent is to enhance health' (World Health Report 2006). Workers in health systems around the world are experiencing increasing stress and insecurity as they react to a complex array of forces. Ageing population, new diseases as well as increasing burden of current diseases, escalating conflicts and violence, are all challenges to which the workforce must be prepared to respond. The unmistakable imperative is to strengthen the workforce so that health systems can tackle crippling diseases and achieve national and global health goals. A strong human infrastructure is fundamental to closing today’s gap between health promise and health reality, and anticipating the health challenges of the 21st century." (Source: WHO)

MMI Secretariat

Access to health: a shared responsibility

"On 14-15 December 2016 a High-Level Ministerial Meeting on Health Employment and Economic Growth: From Recommendations to Action took place in Geneva. Linda Mans, global health advocate at ... »Read more | »Show all (8)


Government must fulfil promises to health workers

"The Community Working Group on Health (CWGH) would like to express grave concern about the recurrent strikes by doctors following failure by government to address their long-standing concerns. ... »Read more | »Show all (8)

Conference Report

Responsible governance for improved human resources for health: making the right choices

Amsterdam, 15-16 March 2010. Human resources for health (HRH) are a vital component of any health system and are central to attaining the health-related Millennium Development Goals. In many ... »Read more | »Show all (11)


Ensure Health Workers for All

Geneva, 20 May 2018, 13.00-14.30 hrs. Civil society plays a key role in pushing for effective policies and holding governments and the private sector accountable on human resources for health. ... »Read more | »Show all (2)


Mind the funding gap: who is paying the health workers? Achieving an adequate, fair funding level for a strong health workforce in Malawi

Wemos, November 2018. "With great pleasure we hereby share the country report on funding for health workers in Malawi, by Wemos and AMAMI (Association of Malawian Midwifes): “Mind the funding ... »Read more | »Show all (32)

DWA Cuamm

Annual Report 2017 of Doctors with Africa CUAMM

The Annual Report 2017 of Doctors with Africa CUAMM is available in Italian language. ... »Read more | »Show all (3)


Wemos Resources

"Welcome to the knowledge platform of Wemos, a resource bank about global health issues. Our three main topics are: human resources for health, financing for health, and medicines." Wemos ... »Read more

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