“We invite G2H2 members and other interested civil society colleagues to attend a second strategy meeting on the Secretariat proposals and their implications for WHO governance and the work of civil society organizations and the G2H2.


  1. Sharing updates and new assessments after the WHO information session on 16 December
    (see document  Webconsultation report presentation)
  2. Focus on strategizing, planning and sharing tasks in view of the EB meeting in February.

References, working document

  • To meaningfully participate in the meeting, participants need to know the document EB146/33
  • Please request access to a G2H2 working document (assessments of Secretariat proposals, civil society positions, Google doc) by message to info@g2h2.org
  • For a civil society assessment of earlier Secretariat proposals, please refer to:
    Towards a more meaningful engagement of WHO with civil society

The meeting is a open for G2H2 members and invited/confirmed civil society colleagues only (NGOs in official relations with WHO and others interested). If your eligibility to attend the meeting is unclear to us, you might hear from us again ahead of the meeting. In obvious cases on non-eligibility, registrations will be cancelled without further notice. Send enquiries to: info@g2h2.org

Announcement published on the G2H2 website
MMI is a member of G2H2 and hosts its Secretariat
MMI is a co-convener of the G2H2 working group on WHO and global health governance
MMI is strongly engaged in the G2H2 activities related to civil society access to the WHO governing bodies.
Contact: Thomas Schwarz, MMI Secretariat, schwarz@medicusmundi.org