plan:g – Partnership for Global Health

plan:g – Partnership for Global Health, operates as a foundation of the Catholic Church in Austria (Diocese of Feldkirch) in the health sector of development cooperation.

plan:g is a non-for-profit civil society organization, and a public corporation according to § 7 of the Concordat between the Holy Sea and Austria as of. June 5th, 1933 (BGBl. II Nr. 2/1934).

Established in 1958, plan:g follows a rights-based, participatory approach and specialized on change management consulting in health institutions, and programs. plan:g’s mission is to overcome stigmatizing diseases of poverty, and to contribute to a sustainable development of the health sector (health for all).

The UN Human Rights and Disability Rights Conventions that strive for inclusion are at the heart of plan:g’s work. Irrespective of questions that concern religious beliefs, political convictions, or sexual orientation, plan:g works with the marginalized, the oppressed, and the poor.

plan:g – partnership for global health
A – 6900 Bregenz, Austria