IeDA uses an electronic form to guide nurses diagnosing children and then records the medical data using the software. Photo: © Ollivier Girard / Terre des hommes Foundation (Tdh)

The Network Medicus Mundi Switzerland starts in January 2020 with a programme line on Digital Health within Switzerland’s International Health Cooperation. The goal of the programme is stated like follows: Swiss organisations and institutions working in the field of international health cooperation are using digital health products in an integrated way. They are taking a leading role in Switzerland and in the cooperation with their partners for a digital health approach, that is strengthening health systems and that is promoting an equitable access to health systems.

As part of this programme MMS and based of the initiative of some member organisations we will develop next year the Swiss Framework on Digital Health in the International Health Cooperation. The Framework will reflect a dialogue with interested organisations and institution on specific challenges and advantages of the use of digital health in low-income countries, specifically in sub-Saharan Africa. It will provide guidance for Swiss actors in the use of digital health products in international health cooperation. It should be used for the political dialogue in the field of international cooperation on the national as well on the international level.

For starting this we invite you to our development workshop of the Swiss Framework. The workshop will include participants representing implementing organisations, the scientific community and donors.

Challenges which may be addressed are as follows:

  • Privacy policies
  • Access to digital products and open access policies
  • Role of donors
  • Fragmentation of health systems by using different digital health products
  • Integration into the national health information system
  • Interoperability with the national system
  • Data hosting (location)
  • Data security

The workshop will provide first elements for the Framework that will be reflected in a broader forum at the Geneva Health Forum in March 2020.

Please register with a simple mail to: The number of participants is limited.

Source: MMS Website