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"Memisa promotes quality basic health care. The main purpose is to provide essential, quality and appropriate care, particularly for the most disadvantaged people, without distinction of race, religion or political persuasion. This is achieved through sustainable development programmes, small-scale initiatives and emergency aid in Africa, Asia and Latin America."

Memisa joined the MMI Network in 2011.



European Call to Action: A health worker for everyone, everywhere!

The world is 7.2 million health workers short. This seriously threatens the health of people worldwide. Especially middle and low income countries are severely affected. The partners in the ... »Read more | »Show all (2)

equal access

European "Health Workers for all" project (2013-15): Country and joint activities and results

"The project ‘Health Workers for All and All for Health Workers’ (HW4All) wanted to increase the coherence between development cooperation policies and domestic health policies and practices of ... »Read more | »Show all (2)

Conference Report
governance, leadership, accountability

Health-y answers to comple#ity: Are we able to move beyond the control panel? MMI Network meeting and conference

Brussels, 27-29 November 2013, Medicus Mundi International Network meeting hosted by Memisa celebrating its 25 years jubilee and linked to the annual seminar of Be-cause Health .   ... »Read more

close-to-client care

Primary Health Care in West Bengal: People-Centred Health Governance

Kolkata, 7-9 February 2019. "WBVHA and Memisa would like to invite you to the conference 'Primary Health Care in West Bengal: People-Centred Health Governance – A fifteen years’ experience ... »Read more | »Show all (2)


Memisa projects and programs

The Dutch and French version of Memisa 's website provide detailed information about structural programs, emergency aid and microprojects undertaken by this organization in various countries. ... »Read more

maternal health

Giving birth is not a game

In October 2015, Memisa launched the online videogame “Giving Birth is not a game” to sensitize the Belgian public about the problem of maternal mortality worldwide, and especially in ... »Read more | »Show all (3)


Annual Report 2017 of Memisa

The Annual Report 2017 of Memisa is available in Dutch and French . ... »Read more | »Show all (7)

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