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Federation of Medicus Mundi Spain (FAMME)

Medicus Mundi Spain

The Federation of Medicus Mundi Spain (FAMME) is a non-profit organization of international solidarity, with an internal federal structure. The organization remains independent of any public institution or any other economic, religious or political group of interest. FAMME is made up of independent associations that act with autonomy but they share a common vision and proposals.

In 1991, The Prince of Asturias of Concord Award recognized the commitment that FAMME has, since 1963, with the defense of the health as a basic component of the Human Rights. Its work is based in the promotion of the Primary Health Care and the defense of a public health system that guarantees the equity and universality of quality health care to all people, regardless of race, sex, religion or economic status. FAMME also works in building a global citizenship that has to be committed, informed and trained in the exercise of their rights, especially in the right to health.

gender equality

#8M, because the world is not yet violet

FAMME, 8 March 2019. The wage gap between men and women is widest in the health sector 23.1%, when the average in Spain is 14.2%. medicusmundi  works for equality with projects with ... »Read more | »Show all (4)

equal access

European "Health Workers for all" project (2013-15): Country and joint activities and results

"The project ‘Health Workers for All and All for Health Workers’ (HW4All) wanted to increase the coherence between development cooperation policies and domestic health policies and practices of ... »Read more | »Show all (4)

Conference Report
close-to-client care

Primary Health Care and cooperation: A utopia? Jubilee Assembly 50 years of Medicus Mundi Spain - 50 years of Medicus Mundi International Network

Barcelona, 7-8 June 2013. The Jubilee events of the Federation of Medicus Mundi Spain (MM Spain) started with a scientific conference on “Primary Health Care and Cooperation: A utopia?”. The ... »Read more

social determinants

International Conference on Social Determinants of Health

Maputo, 5-7 December 2018. "We want Mozambique to become a country of reference in championing Primary Health Care and to do so with scientific rigor, promoting international events for ... »Read more | »Show all (2)


Federation of Medicus Mundi Spain: Projects by continent and association

The website of the Federation of Medicus Mundi Spain provides a overview of projects according by continent and a search engine to find current and past development and humanitarian projects ... »Read more

diseases control

Malaria: The upsurge of one of the world's oldest diseases

The mosquito that transmits it has developed resistance to insecticides in mosquito nets Malaria returns to Venezuela with force   There is concern that cases will multiply ... »Read more | »Show all (13)


Annual Report 2016 of Medicus Mundi Spain

The Annual Report 2016 of the Federation of Medicus Mundi Spain ( FAMME ) is available in Spanish . ... »Read more | »Show all (9)

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