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Medics without Vacation

Medics without Vacation

"Medics without Vacation comprises about 600 doctors and nurses. During their holidays they spend two to three weeks treating patients in African hospitals. Helping people who otherwise have no chance of recovery. Every week more than two teams leave for Africa. Our teams bring bandages, instruments and medication but also medical equipment

Medics without Vacation develops long-term collaborations with partners. Our partners are hospitals and care centres in 5 African countries offering the best possible care to their patients in often difficult circumstances.

We help our partners in different ways to enhance their capacities. As such we send multidisciplinary teams of volunteers who during their stay exchange knowledge and experience with their African colleagues. In the first place via on the job training: practice support at the operating table or at the sickbed."

Medics without Vacation joined MMI in July 2018. Welcome!


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Medics without Vacation: Our actions

"Our doctors and nursing staff operate and treat patients in African hospitals who otherwise would not have any chance of recovery. Our people teach the African staff new techniques hands ... »Read more

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