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Emergenza Sorrisi - Doctors for Smiling Children

From 1 January, 2013 Smile Train Italia N.P.O. has changed its association's name becoming "Emergenza Sorrisi - Doctors for Smiling Children".

Emergenza Sorrisi - Doctors for Smiling Children is an Italian organization that inherits and enhances the wealth of experience gained from Smile Train Italia in its five years of humanitarian activity. This change is related to the choice of becoming in effect an autonomous and independent association broadening our mission in different areas of health and social intervention.

The aim of Emergenza Sorrisi is to give a new smile and hope for a better future for children affected by cleft lip and palate (CLP), facial deformities, burns, war trauma, neoplasia, orthopedic and eye disorders through the planning and carrying out of surgical missions managed by doctors-volunteers trained in the medical-surgical field.

Currently Emergenza Sorrisi has operated successfully and surgically free 1.931 children with facial malformations, it has professionally trained over 200 physicians and nurses of the countries visited (in more than 20 countries in the world) through the organization of training courses in medical and surgical emergencies (see our website for details).

The main areas of intervention of Emergenza Sorrisi are the following:

  1. Child healthcare - organization of surgical missions in order to give news smiles hope for a better life for girls and boys affected by any facial malformations or who is in a state of need;
  2. Healthcare and social assistance;
  3. Emergencies;
  4. Transfers and free surgeries in specialized Italian hospitals for those particular or complex cases;
  5. Professional training courses in surgical medicine and health-care emergencies for physicians and personnel of the countries visited; 
  6. Promotion of the scientific research by means scientific publications, scientific/medical workshops in national and international field;
  7. International and national cooperation giving support to other organizations with the same or similar mission.

Description of the logo: The image shows two stylized figures of an adult holding the hand of a child. This image symbolizes the relationship between the doctor and the little patient or even a relationship between the supporter and the child taken by the hand and escorted to safety and a better future. The picture instead represents also a heart which means the way in which childhood should be cared for, protected and sustained by adults.


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From 1 January, 2013 Smile Train Italia N.P.O. has changed its association's name becoming Emergenza Sorrisi - Doctors for Smiling Children. Have a look at the organization's new presentation in ... »Read more

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