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MMI Network News, July 2015

MMI Network News, July 2015

Editorial: The heat is on

Dear reader,

The heat is on, and we are struggling with it. Just a few examples:

  • The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for the next 15 years and the related UN outcome document are expected to be adopted by a UN Summit in September, after a last hot phase of negotiations. But it might take the health sector another effort to warm up to the outcomes of this process.
  • Like other countries suffering from “donor pressure” and austerity measures, Greece is not only struggling with its finances and external debt, but also with sustaining basic social protection and services, including access to health. Outside the health sector, the political, economic and social crisis in many ways directly affects the health of the Greek population.
  • After hot debates at the World Health Assembly in May, WHO is still struggling with framing its non-state actors policy – which has direct consequences for other governance processes, e.g. the implementation of the Global Coordination Mechanism on NCDs and the framing of a follow-up structure to the Global Health Workforce Alliance GHWA.
  • After the MMI Assembly in May and the adoption of the MMI Network Strategy 2016-20, the MMI secretariat is struggling with a lot of seasonal paperwork (MMI work plans and budget 2016, new WHO/MMI collaboration plan and more). And this in a moment when the seasonal heat wave has just arrived in our office in Basel with 35 degrees outside and almost the same temperature inside the former factory where once, in industrial times, thermostatic heads (!) were produced. So do not ask me about productivity and quality. Just look at this editorial...

High time to have a break – at least for those who can. The MMI secretariat will be closed for two weeks of summer holidays and back at work on 20 July – without any illusions that the hot times will be over by then.

Best regards,

Thomas Schwarz, Executive Secretary
Medicus Mundi International – Network Health for All


MMI Network: Events and resources

Medicus Mundi Switzerland / MMI Network
How to bridge between health systems researchers and practitioners in the field of international health cooperation

Basel, 6-10 September 2015. The next European Congress on Tropical Medicine and international Health (ECMTIH) will be organized by the Swiss TPH, a member of Medicus Mundi Switzerland. The conference topic "The best science for global health challenges" is highly relevant for organizations working in the field of international health cooperation and global health. Medicus Mundi International will organize a parallel session in the scientific program of the conference on "How to bridge between health systems researchers and practitioners in the field of international health cooperation". Medicus Mundi Switzerland participates in the Congress with a side event on "Swiss Health NGOs for Implementation Research".

Network event: i+solutions / MMI Network
"innovation brainstorm": Symposium and MMI Network meeting

Amsterdam, 7-8 October 2015. The MMI Network meeting in autumn 2015 will be hosted by i+solutions. The internal MMI events (mainly: extraordinary Assembly, dinner) will take place on Wednesday, 7 October, followed by a public symposium on Thursday, 8 October organized by i+solutions and related to their 10th anniversary. A first announcement of the symposium will be published in the August newsletter. Save the dates!


Network resource: Medicus Mundi Switzerland
Drug resistance: From mechanism to management

Basel, 10-11 December 2015. "Drug resistance is emerging globally as a major public health and economic problem. It is both urgent and highly complex, affecting key aspects of human and animal health as well as agriculture and the environment in many interconnected ways. Whether they target pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, parasites or their vectors, few drugs exist today, for which resistance has not already been documented. Atwo-day multidisciplinary symposium bringing together national and international experts from a variety of fields." Symposium of the Swiss TPH, a member of Medicus Mundi Switzerland.

Network report: Health Poverty Action
Tax, the extractives industry and health in Sierra Leone

Health Poverty Action has launched a report highlighting how making extractive companies in Sierra Leone pay more tax could provide vital support to the health system. Entitled ‘Healthy Revenues: How the extractives industry can support Universal Health Coverage in Sierra Leone’, the report explains how reducing tax breaks given to extractives companies, could bring vital funds to pay for healthcare, in a country where many still die needlessly.


Network reporting: Network members
Annual Reports

First Annual Reports 2014 of Network members are published on the organizations’ website. Have a look at them – and let us know when further reports (or further language version of the current reports) are available.


Global health policy, health cooperation, health systems: MMI updates

Bits and pieces of news on global health policy, health cooperation, health systems: Each “MMI update” is 140 characters or less - these are the rules of the game on Twitter. Just enough for a headline, eventually an author, a date, the source – and a link to the website where you find the full information. Have a look at some of our “tweets” published during the last month. As usual, it’s a bit much, so take it or leave it.


Universal health coverage
Health systems strengthening
Health services, health financing

Tracking universal health coverage: First global monitoring report

Toward UHC and Equity in Latin America and the Caribbean. Evidence from Selected Countries

Universal health coverage and the right to health. Third World Resurgence No. 296/297

Private sector and UHC: Examining evidence, deconstructing rhetoric. Research papers for ICPP conference

Advancing partnerships for UHC (general resources, focus on public/private partnerships) HANSHEP health systems hub

Voluntary health insurance: what the zombie tells us. Bruno Meesen

Universal Health Coverage & Right to Health: From Legal Principle to post2015 Indicator:

The future of health system leadership. Mahiben Maruthappu and Bruce Keogh

Consultation on the draft WHO global strategy on people-centred and integrated health services   

Will Universal Health Coverage lead to the freedom to lead flourishing and healthy lives? Don Matheson


Health policy and systems research

The role of action research to improve health workforce performance (featuring the PERFORM project)

The ethics of health systems research: Selected guidelines and studies

Synthesizing qualitative and quantitative evidence on non-financial access barriers: Thomas S. O’Connell et al.

Measuring global health R&D for post2015 development agenda. COHRED


Human resources for health
Migration of health professionals

Ebola: How decent work in the health sector saves lives of health personnel Christiane Wiskow, ILO

"One can’t speak about specific gaps in community health workers data. It’s all a gap." Kate Tulenko

Can we avoid digging one hole to fill another? Effective health workforce solutions in Uganda. Freddie Ssengooba

Maximizing the Impact of Training Initiatives for Health Professionals in Low-Income Countries

A Call to Scale-Up Community Health Workers

The applicability of the WHO Global HRH Code of Practice within a European context.

Applying a typology of health worker migration to non-EU migrant doctors in Ireland. N. Humphries et al.

Why it's time to move past 'brain drain'. Michael Clemens


Access to medicines and vaccination
Medical research and development
Communicable diseases and diseases control

Antimicrobial resistance : Apriority for global health action Arthur Chioro et al. in: WHO Bulletin, July 2015

UNAIDS Lancet Commission on defeating AIDS - advancing global health Report, comments, podcast, launch  


Ebola situation and response
Ebola and health systems
Ebola and the state of global health governance

Beyond Ebola: lessons to mitigate future pandemics. Carlos Castillo-Chavez et al.

“Our systems simply couldn't cope”. A WHO staff discussion on Ebola

The Ebola review: What the WHO did wrong. Laurie Garrett

The Ebola review: How to reform the WHO. Laurie Garrett


Women’s and children’s health
Sexual and reproductive rights and health

Women and Health: the key for sustainable development Lancet Commission report and comments

State of inequality: reproductive, maternal, newborn and child health. WHO report

Sexual health, human rights and the law. WHO Report

Global Strategy for Women’s, Children’s and Adolescents’ Health 2010-2015. Report on feedback on zero draft


Prevention and control of NCDs
Nutrition, Disabilities, Mental Health, Care

The double burden of neoliberalism? Noncommunicable disease policies and the global political economy of risk. Sara Glasgowa and Ted Schrecker

Dialogue on NCDs and development cooperation. WHO meeting report and outlook


Equity and human right to health
Social determinants of health
Poverty and social protection

After universal primary education, UHC: Time for Universal Social Protection Initiative. World Bank/ILO concept note

Health and Human Rights Journal: Special section on bioethics and  Right to Health

Amartya Sen: The economic consequences of austerity

  • Twitter: #SDH, #HIAP


Global health governance and policy
Political and economic determinants of health

Global Reference List of 100 Core Health Indicators WHO 2015

The Challenge of Researching the Norms, Politics and Power of Global Health

Improving international accountability: tool for protecting health as basic human right. Agnes Binagwaho

Financing Global Health 2014: Shifts in Funding as the MDG Era Closes. IHME report

The G7 Summit and global health: inaction or incisive leadership? Lancet editorial

The 2015 G7summit: A missed opportunity for global health leadership. Garrett Wallace Brown  

Reforming public and global health in Germany. Lancet editorial
referring to

The UK's strong contribution to health globally. Nadeem Hasan et al.

The Challenge of Researching the Norms, Politics and Power of Global Health. Gorik Ooms

Top 25 causes of global YLDs in 1990 & 2013


World Health Organization
WHO reform and financing

Proposed WHO rules on engagement with private sector gloss over issue of conflict of interest. David Legge

 Is WHO ineffectual because its members are ministries not states?


Health beyond 2015
MDGs and SDGs

"Transforming our World by 2030 – a New Agenda for Global Action" Zero draft framework document on SDGs

Health and development goals: Tracking progress towards SDGs Interview with Pali Lehohla in WHO Bulletin, July 2015

Sustainable equality—a goal to aspire to. Lancet editorial

SDGs: Goals, targets, indicators: Diplomacy by numbers? Bill Orme

The pope v the UN: who will save the world first? Jason Hickel et al.

Health in all polices: a strategy to support the Sustainable Development Goals. Francisco Becerra-Posada

Lost in indicators: The “experts” are rewriting the SDGs. Roberto Bissio


Development, aid and international institutions

Improving development aid design and evaluation: Plan for sailboats, not trains. Rachel Kleinfeld

International Cooperation: Still Alive and Kicking. Stewart M Patrick  

Improving humanitarian aid. How to make relief more efficient and effective.

Fit for the Future? Development trends and the role of international NGOs.

Towards a new model of development, the state, and society. Eduardo Espinoza

Health Financing: Unpacking trends in ODA for health – cross-European analysis.

What future for Development Advocacy? Three Paradoxes and Seven Directions.

Global health spending by faith-based organizations


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