Medicus Mundi Italy

Medicus Mundi Italy is a Nongovernmental Organization (NGO). Founded in Brescia (1968) as a non-profit making association, it is specialized in health cooperation. Medicus Mundi Italy aims at promoting peoples health by planning and implementing health activities, both in structural development and emergency situations. Medicus Mundi Italy fosters the quality and efficiency of local health services by supporting primary community based health care, creating appropriate health structures and training doctors, nurses and technical staff. Medicus Mundi Italy has full respect for local cultures and its projects always express the requests of local communities which participate from the beginning in planning and implementing the activities. Medicus Mundi Italy is independent from any particular religion or political ideology and cooperates with many local governmental and non-governmental institutions in the spirit of partnership.

Medicus Mundi Italia
Via Collebeato 26 I – 25127 Brescia Italy
+39 030 375 25 17