“We believe that collective social action in solidarity as one global community, working together to address the root causes of our struggle for health, can transform aid into an equitable means of ensuring health rights. This means acting out of compassion in the pursuit of justice, and caring, listening and helping each other in a way that promotes connectedness and equity throughout the world.” (Kampala Declaration)

Kampala/Geneva, 27 January 2020. The “Kampala Declaration on cooperation and solidarity for health equity within and beyond aid” was released today. The Declaration outlines the ambitions of the Kampala Initiative, which was launched in Kampala, Uganda on 16 November 2019 at the conclusion of a two-day civil society workshop and a series of public webinars.

The Kampala Initiative is a civil society space and community made up of independent, critical-thinking activists and organizations from all across the world (including across both “northern” and “southern” boundaries). The Kampala Declaration is a reference document for those who have joined the Initiative and at the same time a means to reach out to others.

Institutions and individuals are welcome to join the Kampala Initiative by endorsing the Declaration.

Medicus Mundi International has been (and remains) strongly involved in this Initiative that has allowed us to carry our own conversation on “health cooperation and solidarity beyond aid” beyond the MMI Network.

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