“Distinguished INB Members, we herewith share with you, for your consideration, some concerns and recommendations related to the implementation of the public hearings related to the INB process. Our input is based on our own engagement, for many years, in the field of WHO and global health governance, and draws on input received from various civil society colleagues…”

Input submitted to the INB Bureau and WHO Secretariat on 15 March 2022
By Thomas Schwarz, MMI Executive Secretary
Concerns and recommendations regarding public hearings

Open letters related to the early INB process and co-signed by the MMI Executive Secretary:

  • Letter to the INB Bureau: Meaningful engagement of civil society and communities in the development of the Pandemic Treaty – STOPAIDS website
  • Letter to Michelle Bachelet, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights: Community and Civil Society seek OHCHR engagement in Pandemic Treaty process – HRI’s website
  • G2H2 open civil society letter to the INB Bureau: “You have a great responsibility on your shoulders…”
    Open civil society letter on key issues to be addressed in the INB process – G2H2 website

Contact for enquiries:
Thomas Schwarz, schwarz@medicusmundi.org