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The electronic Platform of the Medicus Mundi International Network is edited by Thomas Schwarz, Executive Secretary of MMI (Webmaster):

Thomas Schwarz
Medicus Mundi International
Murbacherstrasse 34
CH-4013 Basel
Phone  +41 61 383 18 11 (MON-WED)


Regulations and Disclaimer

Medicus Mundi International (MMI) regulates publishing on the MMI ePlatform as follows:

Only registered Network members can contribute content to the MMI ePlatform. On the other hand, they are free to determine the content of their contribution and retain responsibility for it.

Contributions are not be published directly, but sent to the MMI webmaster for control, editing and publishing which might take one to two working days. Authors are normally not alerted. After publication, they can edit or delete their contribution any time.

Publication of contributions on the MMI ePlatform is at the sole discretion of Medicus Mundi International. We only publish contributions related to the MMI Network and the topics of the MMI ePlatform. We reserve the right to make additions or deletions prior to publication, or to refuse publication, or at any time to exercise editorial control over the content of a contribution. We reserve the right to remove access to the MMI ePlatform if we believe that a registered user is abusing it in any way.

Responsiblity of an author for the published content relates to currency and accuracy of information and relevant legal requirements. The ePlatform is provided by Medicus Mundi International as a support to the Network members and partners, and MMI is not responsible for the views or the accuracy of the information expressed on these sites - except those published by the MMI webmaster.

The MMI ePlatform includes links to reference information published on sites external to the ePlatform. These links are provided for convenience, and should not be taken as an indication that MMI endorses or is responsible for the information or views published on these sites.

To the maximum extent permitted by law MMI excludes all liability for any loss or injury arising out of, or related to, the use, inability to use, authorised use, performance, or non-performance of sites on the MMI ePlatform however caused, including by negligence. 

Persons intending to act on information published on the MMI ePlatform should be aware that information on our website is subject to change without notice. Where the information sought relates to MMI Network members and their programmes or projects, users should confirm that the information is current by contacting the respective member directly.

Concerns about the appropriateness of information published on the MMI ePlatform should be directed to the MMI Webmaster (email).

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