MMS, March 2019. The Bulletin Health for All” by 2030 – On the Right Track or on the Verge of Failing is the reader of Symposium 2018 of Medicus Mundi Switzerland.

“The president of the Swiss National Council, Marina Carobbio Guscetti, and the former Minister of Health of Mozambique, Francisco Songane, were among those who highlighted the fact that, even forty years after the groundbreaking Alma-Ata Declaration, the provision of primary healthcare is still pivotal to achieving health for all.

For the first time you can also listen to some of the presentations from our MMS Symposium on video recording!

You might read or listen to the exciting contributions such as:

  1.   A forgotten element of the Alma-Ata Declaration:
    Calling for a new international economic order
    Input by Thomas Schwarz, Medicus Mundi International
  2. Country leadership and coherence among global actors are key elements to ensure health care for all
    Key note speech by Francisco Songane, former Minister of Health of Mozambique
  3. “Health for All in a Generation” – is Switzerland ready to move forward?
    Panel discussion with Marina Carobbio President of the Swiss National Council and Co-President of AMCA, with Jacques Mader, Swiss Development Cooperation and with Beat von Däniken, Swiss Red Cross at the MMS Symposium 2018.

Enjoy the articles and videos!”

Source: Communication by Medicus Mundi Switzerland