The G2H2 Working Group on “WHO and global health governance and financing” was launched in December 2018, following a proposal by the MMI Network and Bread for the World, and based on a longer history of civil society engagement in the reform and governance of the World Health Organization, including an ealier “FENSA Watch” working group. The launch of the new working group  was based on the assessment that there are some current processes at the WHO that need immediate civil society attention, such as:

  • WHO Engagement with non-State actors: Initial evaluation of the implementation of FENSA (2019, in preparation) and new plans for a “WHO Strategy on Engagement with non-State actors”
  • “Transformation of WHO” (Tedros) with still unclear scope and consequences
  • Reform of WHO Governing Bodies and perspectives of a further shrinking space for civil society
  • Interaction of the new WHO leadership with various “civil society” teams and related governance issues (such as the “WHO-CSO Task Team” that delivered its recommendations on 7 December 2018)

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