The Federation of Medicus Mundi Spain (FAMME) is a non-profit organization of international solidarity, with an internal federal structure. The organization remains independent of any public institution or any other economic, religious or political group of interest. FAMME is made up of independent associations that act with autonomy but they share a common vision and proposals.
In 1991, The Prince of Asturias of Concord Award recognized the commitment that FAMME has, since 1963, with the defense of the health as a basic component of the Human Rights. Its work is based in the promotion of the Primary Health Care and the defense of a public health system that guarantees the equity and universality of quality health care to all people, regardless of race, sex, religion or economic status. FAMME also works in building a global citizenship that has to be committed, informed and trained in the exercise of their rights, especially in the right to health.

Federación de Asociaciones de Medicus Mundi en España
Lanuza 9, local E-28028 Madrid España
+349 1 319 58 49