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Thematic guide: Health in the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (2012-16)

Thematic guide: Health in the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (2012-16)

In the Millennium Development framework (MDGs) three out of the eight goals directly referred to health conditions (reduce child mortality; improve maternal health; combat HIV/AIDS, malaria, and other diseases). But what will be the role of health in the sustainable development agenda beyond 2015?

This thematic guide - as part of our global health policy and governance guide - leads you to through the debates along the development of a post MDG (health) agenda in the years 2012-2015 and the initial steps of the implementation of the UN "2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development".

Key references - with a focus on health

UN Sustainable Development Agenda adopted in September 2015


Implementation of the Agenda 2030


Key documents on health in the post-2015 development agenda


Key reports by/to the UN Secretary General
in the process of developing the post-2015 agenda


  UN thematic consultation (2012-13): Focus on health

  • For details of the consultation process and civil society input: see below


Other key reports and references

  • A renewed global partnership for development
    Second report of UN System Task Team, March 2013
  • The Global Conversation Begins
    Report on first findings of the UNDG consultations on post2015 development agenda, March 2013
  • Monitoring the achievement of the health-related MDGs.
    Health in the post-2015 development agenda.
    Report by the Secretariat to the 132th session of the WHO EB, January 2013
    Document EB132/12
  • Positioning health in the post-2015 development agenda
    WHO discussion paper, October 2012
  • Health in the post-2015 development agenda
    Identifying goals, indicators and targets: key questions
    Carla AbouZahr, Independent Consultant, June 2012
  • Post-2015 health Millennium Development Goals
    Research reports and studies
    Julian Schweitzer et al., ODI, July 2012
  • Health as a critical foundation of sustainable development
    Rio+20 Health Cluster, 2012
  • The Future We Want
    Outcome document adopted at Rio+20 conference (June 2012, pdf)
  • Accelerating progress towards the MDGs: options for sustained and inclusive growth and issues for advancing the UN development agenda beyond 2015
    The report of the UN Secretary General to the UNGA, 11 July 2011, lays out the broad principles of the post-2015 process.


Debate (focus on health)

We stopped updating this thematic guide in early 2016 and, since then, publish SDG related news again in our other thematic guides.





Global health 2035: a world converging within a generation
The Lancet Commission report, December 2013




This section of the guide is updated monthly
Source: MMI updates on Twitter

You might also have a look at our thematic guide on Universal health coverage (UHC), strongly promoted by WHO as "overarching health goal" and at the section "Global health governance: definitions and debates" of our thematic guide on global health policy and governance.


UN thematic consultation 2012-13 - and civil society input


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