Sharing knowhow and joining forces towards Health for All

Join the Network!

Join the Network!

Medicus Mundi International – Network Health for All (MMI) is a network of organizations working in the field of international health cooperation and global health. The Network promotes access to health and health care as a fundamental human right and supports the efforts undertaken in this respect by its members.

Better global health governance? We care!

The MMI working groups on Global Health Governance (MMI GHG) and Human Resources for Health (MMI HRH) contribute to the analysis and debate of global health policy and governance and to the promotion of platforms for joint civil society advocacy, with a special focus on the WHO. MMI proudly hosts the secretariat of the Geneva Global Health Hub (G2H2). 

Health cooperation beyond aid? We care!

With its events and publications, the MMI working group on Effective Health Cooperation (MMI EHC) aims at providing spaces for an in-depth reflection and dialogue on the relevance, legitimacy and effectiveness of health cooperation. At the same time our working group provides its members with tools and platforms for improved interaction and collaboration.

...and you? We invite you to get engaged in the MMI Network and its activities and teams. Get in touch with our secretariat to know more about how to join us.

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Six good reasons to join the Network

There are some good reasons to join the MMI Network:

  1. MMI promotes health for all and the right to health. Equitable access to health is a human right, and strong health systems are essential for sustainable and equitable development.
  2. For over 50 years MMI has been successfully linking organizations working in the fields of health cooperation, international health research and global health policies, governance and advocacy. In its 2016-20 strategy the Network is building on this track record by providing new activities and services in these fields.
  3. The Network is a living community. Through its working groups (currently: Global Health Governance, Effective Health Cooperation, Human Resources for Health) and meetings, it offers great opportunities for learning, sharing and collaborating.
  4. The Network promotes the work of its members and amplifies their voices. MMI provides opportunities to find partners in order to present projects to international institutions and potential funders.
  5. MMI is a horizontal network respecting the values and autonomy of its members. The network itself is owned and financed by its members and remains autonomous from any other actor, public or private.
  6. MMI is an NGO in official relations with the World Health Organization. MMI provides its members with access to WHO meetings and consultations, allowing them to engage in a range of issues including health systems strengthening, health workforce development, universal health coverage, social determinants of health and global health governance.

With its Network Strategy 2016-2020, MMI intends to continue its success story of the last years. But this cannot be done without its members: With their active engagement and their financial contributions, the members are key for both success and sustainability of the Network. So join in!

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Why we are a Network member

“Through the Medicus Mundi International Network and with the other Network members Cordaid has access to global fora such as events organized by the World Health Organisation, which provide us with a broad platform for advocacy. Through doing activities together with other Network members, including documenting best practices and joint activities, we have a wider reach, better quality and bigger impact.”

(Christina de Vries, Cordaid)

"The MMI Network provides us a great platform for sharing information and it links us actively to other organisations in Europe and Africa. We scan the global health discourse for striking issues and within MMI there is always flexibility in bringing up issues that we deem important for ourselves and the network to jointly take up. Its secretariat is run in a very effective and professional manner. And, most important, MMI allows us to further strengthen joint international advocacy efforts to improve public health at global level, e.g. at the World Health Assembly."

(Anke Tijtsma, former director of Wemos)

"The Andalusian School of Public Health (EASP) is glad to join the MMI Network and be part of the efforts for improving global health governance, promote a greater effectiveness in the field of international development cooperation in health, and pursuing the health related SDGs with special emphasis on Universal Health Care. The EASP looks forward to participating in the different working groups of the MMI network and to further the dialogue with a wide range of civil society organizations and academic institutions for sharing knowledge and expertise, for working in new projects and for being a potential partner for future activities in the field of International Health Cooperation."

(EASP team)


Applying for Network membership

The Medicus Mundi International Network is an association according to German law.The criteria and procedures of becoming a new member of the Medicus Mundi International Network are defined by the statutes and the Network policy of MMI.

Overview of the related regulations:

  1. The criteria for Network membership as defined by the MMI Statutes and the Network policy are conclusive and cannot be extended without amendments of these key Network documents. No further formal criteria shall be used for admitting new members.
  2. According to the MMI statutes and Network policy, Network members
    - share the Network members’ vision of Health for All and support the mandate of the Network;
    - are committed to actively participate in Network activities and to contribute to the sustainability of the Network;
    - are working in the field of international health cooperation and/or global health;
    - are able to fulfill the related duties, including the payment of an annual membership fee (see below).
  3. Candidates are requested to submit to the MMI secretariat a formal application with key information about the organizations, its objectives and activities and its governance and funding (organization’s profile).
  4. According to the Statutes, the decision on the admission of new members is taken by the Board, based on the information provided. There is no entitlement for membership. Candidates have no explicit right to further explain and defend their admission request. 
  5. The organization’s profile of new Network members will be published on the electronic platform of the MMI Network.

MMI Statutes: Download PDF
Regulations and procedures for Network membership: Download PDF
Membership application form: Download DOC


Members' contributions

In 2013, the Annual Assembly of the Medicus Mundi International Network agreed to introduce two standard classes for membership fees: 5000 EUR as regular fee and 1000 EUR for financially weak members (determination by self-declaration). For new Network members, these two classes will be applied without exception.

The total amount of membership fees covers the regular budget of the MMI Network (mainly secretariat, website, meetings and events). In addition, and according to the Network Policy, Network members contribute to the MMI activities with a range of in-kind contributions such as:

  • contributing time of their Network activists (Board and working group members, delegates to Assembly);
  • covering the travel costs of their Network activists;
  • directly contributing to Network projects, e.g. taking over specific activities or covering the travel costs of participating activists or partners;
  • hosting Network meetings and events.

Download the MMI Network Policy


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