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WHO Consultation on Strategic Contracting in Health Systems

WHO Consultation on Strategic Contracting in Health Systems

Geneva, 9–11 January 2008. Synthesis of the meeting: "During this three day meeting a wide range of experiences on contracting in health systems were reviewed, the current evidence and lessons learned from these experiences were examined and, finally, policy options for the actors involved in this field were explored.

This meeting synthesis is based on the work done during the Strategic Contracting - consultation. This document is not a summary compendium of all the meeting's presentations and discussions; it is more of a guidance note that is based on the information gathered during the meeting.

The objective of this document is to:

  • give a clear picture about the current situation and evidence on the major topics of contracting in health systems
  • provide guidance for future activities in the field of contracting in health systems"

The Medicus Mundi International Network participated in the WHO Consultation on Strategic Contracting with a large team including representatives of Cordaid, MM Switzerland, ITM Antwerp and Dr Paul Mundama from Butembo, Congo. The MMI/ITM team contributed to the consultation with a presentation of the first results of the new MMI study on contracting.

Synthesis available on the WHO Website in English and French.

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