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What is Universal Health Coverage? Cordaid "encyclopedia" and practice

What is Universal Health Coverage? Cordaid "encyclopedia" and practice

A Cordaid video. "Do you believe people should not be pushed into poverty for accessing health services? Do you believe in a world in which everyone can live, healthy, productive lives regardless of who they are and where they live? Do you believe health is a human right? Then you believe in Universal Health Coverage (UHC). Watch this Cordaid video to find out what Universal Health Coverage really means.

Working in and on fragility

Cordaid is a global development organization whose mission is to create flourishing, self-reliant communities in the world’s most fragile and conflict-affected areas. Together with local actors, we rebuild trust and stability by tackling multiple challenges in healthcare, education, food security and more. We use results-based financing and local investments to secure solutions to complex problems. For more on Cordaid's work on health care for all, visit our website."

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