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Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights. A Jeune S3 video

Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights. A Jeune S3 video

Talking about sexuality and rights is not easy for young people. Talking about it in fragile and conflict-affected areas is even harder! Come meet some of the inspiring young people who want to change this.

"The goal of the Jeune S3 programme is to ensure that young people (including the most marginalized and vulnerable populations - especially girls between the ages of 10 and 14) are able, motivated and have the opportunity to make informed choices about their Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) and that their sexual and reproductive rights are respected. We work with and for young people as they are the main actors of their own lives. By 2020, Jeune S3 aims to reach 1,5 million young people via health and rights education sessions."

Jeune S3 is an alliance of nine partners led by Cordaid. This alliance is a strategic partnership together with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The alliance members are Cordaid, PSI Europe, Swiss TPH, World YWCA supported by 5 technical support agencies: I+ solutions, Healthy Entrepreneurs, Free Press Unlimited, IPPF ARO and Triggerise.

Source: Cordaid newsletter, March 2018

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