Sharing knowhow and joining forces towards Health for All

Laying the foundations for a healthier world

Laying the foundations for a healthier world

Health Poverty Action, January 2018. "Wherever we live, we want similar things. To live peaceful lives in a supportive community, have access to health care for our families when we are sick, and an education for our children that gives them a solid foundation for their futures.

Despite this, millions of people – both across the world and in the UK – are denied this reality, thanks to the policy choices of those in power. Austerity, privatisation, tax dodging, unfair trade rules, climate change – these aren’t accidents. They are a result of policy choices often promoted by rich elites and corporations. The result is growing poverty, insecurity and sickness, and the destruction of our shared home on which we all rely.

The only way to end poverty and inequality is to address its causes. That requires a new vision in which people across the world work in solidarity to tackle those responsible, and build a world in which all people have a fair share of wealth and power.


Read more in our joint briefing ‘reclaiming internationalism’ produced with other members of the Progressive Development Forum."

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