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Health for all, but not for me

 Health for all, but not for me

"We never met, yet we fight for the same cause. We shake hands in this blog post and speak with one voice. Against global inequality, exemplified by the gap between both of us, and in favor of universal health coverage.

One of us, Remco, is a 46-year-old father, lives in the Netherlands and has a steady income. That’s me. I know my child, wife or myself will be in hospital within 30 minutes and get the best medical care I can imagine if — god forbid — one of us should need emergency care. Chances are high that life will go on the way it did, with deeper feelings of gratitude. Medical insurance will cover most of the costs. And no one will go bankrupt.

And one of us, Chanceline, is a 27-year-old mother of three, living in a village in Eastern DR Congo. That’s me. A couple of years ago I left the city of Bukavu, with my husband. Living costs were too high. In the village we built our own house, grow our own vegetables, drink rain water. We cope. Until one of us gets ill. The nearest basic health center is 27 km away. We can’t pay transportation by motorbike. So we walk. And we pray that the center will be open, medicines will be available and no referral to the city hospital is needed.

The city or the village? Hunger or illness? It’s not even a real choice. Poverty makes them go hand in hand...."

Read the full story in the blog by Remco van der Veen, Cordaid

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