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Give people universal access to health services

Give people universal access to health services

Wemos, 12 December 2017. "Worldwide millions of people do not have access to quality health care when they need it, or end up with financial difficulties when they use it. This is why we need an ambitious plan for universal health coverage.

Today, on Universal Health Coverage Day, the 2017 Global Forum in Tokyo kicks off, where country delegations, WHO, World Bank, UNICEF, and non-governmental organizations discuss how to ensure universal health coverage (UHC) for all. Wemos participates at this Forum as well.

Wemos’ global health advocate Barbara Fienieg is panelist and co-organizer in a side event that calls for less out-of-pocket spending and reframing financing priorities for UHC. Barbara: ‘A health system that is accessible to all, that leaves no one out, requires serious and sustained investment of financial resources. How can a low-income country, like Malawi, steadily increase the number of professional health workers where they are most needed and working under the right conditions? It needs a pool of public resources to get to UHC.’

Maureen Luba Milambe (project coordinator at CEDEP Malawi) agrees: ‘And just providing funding for recruitment of additional numbers of health workers is not enough. Donors need to think of ways in which they can prepare the Government of Malawi for the absorption of the additional health workers once the donor support finishes or expires.’

A Pool for a Plan

All countries have agreed to achieve UHC by 2030 as part of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). But for many low-income countries, their domestic resources will not be sufficient. The international community can and should step in. Only, the problem is that health initiatives that only focus on specific diseases, interventions or groups will eventually not result in universal and equitable access to health services. Rather, we must pool resources for the health system, to realize a country’s plan for UHC."

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