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Improving our image: how photos reflect our values

Improving our image: how photos reflect our values

Health Poverty Action, November 2016. "The use of images has often been problematic and controversial in the development sector. Photos of starving children and helpless victims have been used to generate pity in order to raise funds- a practice commonly dubbed as ‘poverty porn’. This practice of victimising people is unacceptable to us at Health Poverty Action, and has never fit with our values. However, in taking a critical look at our images, we want to ask ourselves if we have gone far enough in portraying people with dignity, respect and honesty.

We started by asking ourselves an obvious question: would I be happy if an organisation used my photo in this way? We looked at a range of images, and asked this question to try to identify which images we liked best, and what qualities these had."

Read more in this blog post by Sorsha Roberts, Communications Officer at Health Poverty Action.


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