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Annual Report 2014 of the MMI Network

photo: Cordaid
photo: Cordaid

MMI Network: Annual report

  • A luta continua! Message from the President
  • Network Health for All: Progress and perspectives
  • 2014: Financial facts and figures

The Annual report on "progress and perspectives" refers to the MMI Network strategy 2011-15 and the three major programs developed by the Network within this framework: Research and evidence processes; Human Resources for Health; Global Health Governance. The last year was also characterized by a successful process of institutional consolidation and development of the MMI Network, resulting in the adoption of a renewed Network Policy and revisited statutes by the Assembly in May 2014 and the start of a strategy expected to lead to the adoption of a Network Strategy 2016-20 by the Assembly in May 2015.

Since the adoption of the new statutes, MMI calls itself "Medicus Mundi International. Network Health for All": our ambition has become part of our name!


 “Short stories” by members of the MMI Network


MMI Annual Report 2014: online version

  • Full report (49 pages, 12 MB): PDF
  • MMI Network: Annual Report (16 pages, 6 MB): PDF
  • Members of the MMI Network: "short stories" (33 pages, 7 MB): PDF

MMI Annual Report 2014: high resolution version for printing

  • There are no hard copies of the Annual Report available. Please order high resolution versions (attention: large files!) of the full report or extracts of it at our secretariat!
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