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Institutionalising Solidarity for International Health

Institutionalising Solidarity for International Health

"The concept of International Health refers to more than just controlling pandemics. It refers to an internationally shared responsibility for health perceived as the well-being of all.

By defining international health as a global public interest the political struggle for health begins. First and foremost, actions require the public challenge of the still ruling neoliberal paradigm that “there is no such a thing as society” (Thatcher) and that responsibility for health care can be delegated to individual “entrepreneurs”. Then, by reiterating the importance of the “social determinants of health” actions for international health have to be connected with the struggle for the protection and recovery of commons such as accessible land (nutrition), rivers (drinking water), knowledge (access to medicine). Knowing of their negative impacts on health agricultural subsides, free trade negotiations, intellectual property regimes, as fundamental pillars of the current economic systems, have to be tackled.

Last, in aiming on universal coverage in case of ill-health actions have to also focus on guaranteeing access to common goods such as effective health care systems. For the time being, particularly universal coverage requires a legally binding international funding mechanism ensuring that wealthier countries also take care of the health need of poorer ones: an International Fund for Health that is based on the conviction that in a globalized world national solidarity institutions such as tax-based health systems or mandatory social heath insurance will only survive if the institutionalisation of solidarity itself will be globalized."

medico international: "health: our position"

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