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Quest for quality. Interventions to Improve Human Resources for Health among Faith-Based Organisations

Quest for quality. Interventions to Improve Human Resources for Health among Faith-Based Organisations

Quest for Quality: The report.

In order to deal more effectively with the current HRH crisis, Cordaid and its partners realised that it is critical to learn better from each other’s experiences. Cordaid has developed a “linking and learning” programme to facilitate exchange and joint reflection, which includes a component on HRH interventions. The goal is to create a platform for exchange and discussion in order to move the HRH agenda of Cordaid and its partners forward. 

This publication is one of the results of Cordaid’s linking and learning programme. The objective is to describe and analyse HRH practices in order to draw lessons learned, leading to enhanced health services performance in under-served areas covered primarily by partner organisations of Cordaid. It is intended to be a tool for HR practitioners, managers of health care facilities at different levels in the health system and policy makers, especially those working for and with FBOs. Moreover, documenting experiences on the strengthening of human resources at primary health care level is especially timely in the light of the call for a renewed emphasis on primary health care (WHO, 2008). It is also one of the first publications to be written entirely by FBO partners and is the product of two workshops and exchanges between Cordaid and its partners, facilitated by the Royal Tropical Institute (KIT). These workshops have played a key role in assisting partners with documenting, jointly analysing experiences and drawing conclusions.

The documented evidence in this publication are narratives, each written in the author’s own writing style, describing practical experiences with HRH interventions from the point of view of the partner organisation.

G. Adjei, E. Maniple, T.B. Dokotala, I. Mpoza K., P.M. Pamba, E. Pearl, M. Dieleman (ed.), T. Hilhorst (ed.): Quest for Quality. Interventions to Improve Human Resources for Health among Faith-Based Organisations. Cordaid/Royal Tropical Institute Amsterdam, 2009
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NEW: Quest for Quality. Guide for in-country discussions

In January 2010, Cordaid published guidelines how to make use of the cases presented in the Quest for Quality report for in-country discussions on Human resources for Health.

The guide is intended to be used in discussions among people working in the field of HRH or who have tasks related to the management of health staff. It can be used for HRH discussions at different levels - at the level of umbrella organizations of FBOs, at district level, or at health facility level - and in different settings such as decentralized or centralized settings etc.

Download Guide (from cordaidpartners, PDF, 100 KB)


Launch event: Geneva, 20th May 2009

Launch event: Geneva, 20th May 2009

The "Quest for Quality" report was launched by Cordaid on 20th May 2009 at a side event to the World Health Assembly.

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