Sharing knowhow and joining forces towards Health for All

Private not-for-profit health service providers in Uganda: Improving opportunities through strategic positioning and co-operation

In the middle of the nineties it became clear that quite a number of providers in the private not-for-profit health sector in Uganda were unable to cope with the increasing cost of service production and that major crisis were occurring or soon to be expected. This article accounts for the steps taken in order to make the Government of Uganda aware of the ongoing crisis and sparking off a closer collaboration that the Government would obtain, in few years, important reforms leading to a demonstrable and desirable convergence of mutual benefits: for the people, for Government herself, for the private not-for-profit (PFNP) health sector. (Daniele Giusti, UCMB, in: Bulletin of Medicus Mundi Switzerland No. 107, February 2008)

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