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Annual Report 2015 of the MMI Network

Annual Report 2015 of the MMI Network

MMI Network: Annual report

This is the last annual report that refers to the MMI Network strategy 2011-15 and the three major programs developed by the Network within this framework:

  • Research and evidence processes

  • Human Resources for Health

  • Global Health Governance

In these three programs, the MMI Network and its working groups successfully continued the activities undertaken over the last years within the framework of the “old strategy”.

On the other hand, with the adoption of the Network Strategy 2016-20 by the Assembly in May 2015, we defined new strategic directions of the Medicus Mundi International Network for the coming years. The MMI work plan 2015 “Exploring and preparing the ground, first steps and feasibility checks”, developed by the Board after the adoption of the strategy, outlined preparatory steps to be undertaken already in the year before the formal start of strategy implementation. We will therefore also report on initial progress on our Network’s “way into the future”.


“Short stories” by members of the MMI Network

In addition to the institutional report, we have again received great contributions by MMI Network members. Their "short stories" provide a good picture of realities and challenges in the field of international health cooperation. Thanks - and enjoy!

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    There are no hard copies of the full Annual Report available. Please download the two parts below or order a high resolution version (33 MB) of the full report or extracts of it at our secretariat.

    • Annual report without "short stories" (21 pages, 11 MB): PDF
    • Members of the MMI Network: "short stories" (48 pages, 23 MB): PDF
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