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Annual Report 2015 of medico international

Annual Report 2015 of medico international

"medico takes the position that the right to freedom of movement cannot be partitioned. This is why we gave more support than ever in 2015 to those fleeing and to migrant self-organisations. At the same time, many medico partner organisations are working in their home countries for democracy and a transformation of economic relationships towards common welfare. The idea that brings us together is the idea of a world where nobody is forced to flee in the face of war, hunger or devastated living conditions.

You can read more about this engagement in our new annual report. The scope of our work is very broad, ranging from supporting partner organisations pressing for social justice and democratic participation in apparently hopeless situations, such as in Syria, through emergency aid programmes for refugees and help in creating healthy living conditions, to supporting transnational transparency.

In all, medico international was able to support over 100 projects in 28 countries in 2015. We should like to thank our partner organisations in the global South for their trust and cooperation in the joint struggle for a different and more just world." (Brigitte Kühn and Thomas Gebauer)

The Annual Report 2015 of medico international is available in English and German.

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