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Annual Report 2015 of i+solutions

Annual Report 2015 of i+solutions

"i+solutions is an independent nonprofit organization with over 10 years’ experience in
pharmaceutical supply chain management to more than 60 low and middle-income countries globally. We provide quality, best-value medication and other health products to those in need, and assist countries to strengthen and enhance their supply chain capacity. We believe that they need to become self-sufficient in providing their citizens access to medicines and health supplies. We have done this with success. (...)

Looking back on 2015, we’ve had an interesting year. We set ambitious goals for 2015, and can proudly say that we achieved most of them. Unfortunately, in April 2015 we lost the tender to continue the SCMS (USAID funded Supply Chain Management System tender). The loss of this tender made us ever more aware of need for us to spread our portfolio over multiple donors. That’s what we’ve been working on in 2015: our ambition is to become a partner of choice for more donors that appreciate our expertise, we have extended our portfolio, we have worked on innovative Supply Chain Management projects, and we are working on improving our PR to increase awareness of our expertise in the field.

Before we go on to explain our activities of 2015 in more detail, I would like to emphasize that I am very proud of the entire i+solutions staff. As the information will show, we’ve had a good year despite the loss of the SCMS continuation. That in itself is an amazing achievement." (Luuk Jan Boon, Managing Director)

The Annual Report 2015 of i+solutions is available in English.

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