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Annual Report 2015 of EPN

Annual Report 2015 of EPN

"There are so many challenges in the world, so many things are not really working. After 35 years of EPN’s existence, so many people are still suffering and dying because medicines are unaffordable and inaccessible. So many facilities are without trained staff in pharmacy and so many people are still excluded from their human right to health or accessibility to basic health care. Should we be pessimistic in saying: we can’t make it? We give up? We are too weak or we have limited human and financial resources? Or should we say 'yes, we can make it'? With God’s guidance, with his support we will be strong enough to carry out our assignment.

The year 2015 was a challenging but successful year for EPN. Guided by a strong and very hard working Executive Director- Mirfin, who has a great team working under him, projects were finalized successfully. This was accompanied by a strong Board and the continued support of old and new donors and partners. We are still far from EPN’s sustainability and there are ups and downs but we are moving on! Thanks to each single person and organization that has contributed to the work of EPN. Remember EPN is not the secretariat; EPN is a Network of so many different but strong organizations and individuals. I am proud to be part of it and so should you!

I am grateful and thankful looking back. Fourteen (14) years of chairing the Board of
EPN will come to an end in May 2016. For now I can only say this: The Board Chair is not
able to move or guide anything if he is not supported by other active Board members, an
active Secretariat, a strong Executive Director and so many friends within the Network
itself. The Chairman can’t achieve anything without the support and guidance from the
Lord. This is my experience, walking along this long road for 14 years. When we are
together, we are strong, and we don’t give up! Thanks to everyone that has been part of this journey with me." (Albert Petersen, outgoing EPN President)

The Annual Report 2015 of the Ecumenical Pharmaceutical Network EPN is available in English (PDF).

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