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Annual Report 2012 of EPN

Annual Report 2012 of EPN

Welcome to our Annual Report of 2012.

The report starts with a campaign on “Think Zinc”, touching a child suffering from diarrhoea, just because of the right to play, but the dust was not safe. Meanwhile, though reading books may not be a habit for many of us, have a look at the illustrated comic strips available for awareness information on antimicrobial resistance, hygiene, health and HIV and AIDS. EPN published these comic strips in several languages. Is your language of choice there? The lack of Human Resources for Health is still a challenge with unplanned task shifts and task sharing; the tailored course on Essentials of Pharmacy Practice is an effort to respond to the needs of people suffering from wrong counselling by untrained dispensers, especially children and mothers.

For 2013, the Network shall continue to support member organization’s efforts to reduce the maternal and childhood mortality rate particularly in sub-Saharan African countries, to meet the MDGs. Building also partnerships of EPN DSO members for pooled procurement of medicines, especially children’s medicines which mostly are taken as half adult. Continued support for the provision of suitable tailored courses to equip the less trained workforce in the field already taking on pharmaceutical tasks as short term measures. We will also use the available potentials to set and provide practice-based Continued Professional Development courses in collaboration with Network members and international organizations. To ensure that EPN is climbing the ladder set on the right wall, we shall maintain the voice and championship within the churches and church health systems, increasing the advocacy effort at the global, regional and national level, as well as integrating information technology options in our activities and programmes.

Prophet Elijah sent his servant “Go and look towards the sea” (1 Kings 18:43 New International Version). The seventh time, the servant reported: “A cloud as small as a man’s hand is rising from the sea” (1 Kings 18:44 New International Version). Very optimistically I am saying, what do we want to see? Can’t we feel the rain drops on our faces? EPN is reaching the poorest of the poor through its member organization facilities, located in very remote areas. Infrastructures, technology, supply chain systems, financials and trained staff have been and still are a burden for the Network members.

“We are not half adults” and “We need safe motherhood and safe pharmaceuticals” are the challenging calls from children to you and me, to overstretch our ability, reaching them from the small cloud like a man’s hand rising from the sea. What do we want to see?

I thank God for being given the opportunity to serve at EPN as Executive Director. I thank the Board for the appointment and their confidence, and hope to receive support from the EPN secretariat team and members.

I invite you with all the passion for just and compassionate quality pharmaceutical services to see God’s work within us in 2012. Take a good reflection of all the blessings to you in 2013 and pray for us, poor servants of God.

Remain blessed
Rev. Baraka Kabudi

The annual report 2012 highlights EPN's activities and successes such as the comic strips project, the impact shown after the HIV and AIDS Treatment Literacy workshops, and the great efforts done in various countries to equip pharmacy staff with the necessary skills and competences.
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