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Annual Report 2010 of EPN

Annual Report 2010 of EPN

"We are reflecting on the previous 12 months – where have they gone, all the very busy days? Again we are asking ourselves – did we move anything? This question can be answered by everybody individually. In respect of EPN I would like to say YES, we are grateful to look back at a successful 2010. A new spirit of EPN could be seen during the EPN Forum and General meeting 2010 held in Nairobi. These days were full of informing and sharing, everybody got the feeling that EPN issues and projects, as well as the strategic plan, are owned by its members.

Children’s medicines are more and more in focus. EPN was able to survey the situation in faith-based health facilities in Kenya, Uganda and Chad, using the WHO tool. Antimicrobial Resistance activities became a strong and ongoing issue for EPN. A third international AMR workshop in Nairobi enabled members to share and discuss their country AMR programmes, with valuable contributions from experts from umbrella organizations. Excellent AMR-comic strips were developed in no less than 3 languages (Did you see them, are you using them?). EPN Guidelines on effective and efficient pharmaceutical services were developed further in terms of training materials (posters, booklet, presentation). The EPN publication “HIV and Aids Treatment Literacy Guide” was launched during the EPN Forum in Nairobi and about 1500 copies are already distributed via EPN members and partners. Also, Francophone EPN members are active! Two workshops have been conducted in Cameroon and DRC.

2011 will be a special year for EPN. We are going to celebrate 30 years existence of EPN! So we are going to look back in great respect and with great thankfulness – but we also look into the future. With our strategy, we defined lots of areas EPN will be active in until 2015. All members should look at this carefully to identify areas where this strategy can be implemented into country programmes."

Albert Petersen, Board Chairman
Ecumenical Pharmaceutical Network EPN
December 2010

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