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Annual Report 2009 of Smile Train Italy

Annual Report 2009 of Smile Train Italy

"We are proud to say that in just 10 years, Smile Train has evolved into the world’s largest cleft charity with thousands of programs and partners in over 76 of the world’s poorest countries.One of these dedicated partners I’d like to pay tribute to here, is Dr. Fabio Abenavoli and his team at Smile Train Italia.

Since we began our partnership in February 2007, Smile Train Italia has helped thousands of children in places most doctors dare not go. Over the year, their talented and dedicated team has gone to the most impoverished areas of Indonesia, Etiopia, Tanzania, Pakistan, Afghanistan & Iraq where we have limited medical resources and require assistance from a more traditional mission group approach.

Smile Train Italia’s medical team consists of some of the best and brightest surgeons in the world, selflessly helping children that would otherwise never receive the care they so desperately need. Smile Train Italia has become an integral part of our family of partnerships around the world. With their help, we look forward to providing new smiles and new lives to an additional 120,000 children this year alone." (Brian F. Mullaney, Co-Founder & President The Smile Train)

The Annual Report of Smile Train Italy is available in Italian only.
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