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New MMI Network member: Andalusian School of Public Health (EASP)

New MMI Network member: Andalusian School of Public Health (EASP)

The Andalusian School of Public Health (EASP) is glad to join the MMI Network and be part of the efforts for improving global health governance, promote a greater effectiveness in the field of international development cooperation in health, and pursuing the health related SDGs with special emphasis on Universal Health Care. The EASP looks forward to participating in the different working groups of the MMI network and to further the dialogue with a wide range of civil society organizations and academic institutions for sharing knowledge and expertise, for working in new projects and for being a potential partner for future activities in the field of International Health Cooperation.

Our team is comprised of professionals who have ample experience in the fields of health policy analysis, health systems development, international partnerships in health, development cooperation effectiveness and the political economy of the global health architecture. We have a track record of working with UN agencies, IFIs, the European Commission, major Bilateral Cooperation Agencies and non-governmental organizations in the development of joint initiatives on health sector reform, strengthening of health systems, health sector analysis and planning, health action in crisis, migrant’s health and improving the health response to the refugee influx into the European Union.

We have experience with the MOPAN evaluations, with the donor reviews of the humanitarian cluster system, with the UN Quadrennial Comprehensive Policy Review process and with the bilateral agencies’ reviews of multilateral organizations (MARs).

We have followed closely the Effective Development Cooperation debates, principles and practices from Rome, Paris Accra, Busan and Mexico as well as the ECOSOC Development Cooperation Forum and have contributed to the ECOSOC dialogue on the fitness for purpose of the UN System.

We have produced a report for the Global Coordination Mechanism on Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) on Aligning International Cooperation with National NCD plans. We have a keen interest in the improvement of development cooperation policies and practices in health.  

We consider that our team is particularly suited for the task and can provide a comprehensive perspective, anchored in hands-on experience in development cooperation in the health field at country, regional and global levels.

We have participated actively in forging partnerships and alliances of bilateral, multilateral and NGO actors to contribute to common agendas for the development of the health sector. We also have ample experience in managing and evaluating health projects funded by development agencies, in building institutional capacity of the health sector, in managing by results and in monitoring and evaluating in terms of impact.

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Communication by EASP, February 2017

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