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Transformation of HealthNet

Transformation of HealthNet

HealthNet, October 2016. "HealthNet has embarked on a transformational journey for accelerated growth to be able to improve the delivery of her mission by providing services to a large group of beneficiaries. In the past year this process has led to a number of changes. We would like to take this opportunity to share these important changes with you.

First and foremost, after 23 years of dedicated service to the organization and its mission, Willem van de Put will leave HealthNet. Recognizing the need for new talents and skills by the organization in its next phase of development and growth, Willem resigned in January of 2016. Answering the request from the board Willem continued to support the organization throughout the year, but is now officially winding down his activities.

Willem has been the inspirational force behind HealthNet from the very beginning. The organization is, and will always be, grateful for his tremendous contribution to HealthNet’s mission, delivered with incredible dedication, commitment and contagious passion.

Furthermore, Hans Grootendorst has been asked by the board to focus on the all-important operational activities as Director of Operations. The continuation and smooth execution of all operational matters is of critical importance in this transformational phase of the organization and is therefore placed in the trusted care of Hans.

The board itself has been through some changes as well. As it is, our board is represented by:

  • Carin Beumer, Chair;
  • Kay de Gier-Formanek, Vice-Chair;
  • Koos van der Velden, Board Member;
  • Hans-Georg van Liempd, Board Member.

Lastly, we would like to introduce to you The Zaluvida Foundation. This private foundation, registered in Singapore, has been HealthNet’s major donor since October 2015. They provide support with the purpose of helping HealthNet strengthen its financial position, its organization and to improve its ability to fulfil its mission well into the future. You could say that the Zaluvida Foundation aims to strengthen and enable HealthNet, just as HealthNet is strengthening and enabling communities and their people to increase their capacity for self-generation in locations that have been damaged by war and violence. 

As an anchor donor, The Zaluvida Foundation invites other business & family foundations, private and corporate donors to follow suit and contribute to the HealthNet organization and/or to specific projects to help traumatized populations to recover and become more resilient, for a more just and stable world."

Source: HealthNet Newsletter

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